Birthday Parties

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2-hr Birthday Party at our Farm

Hello and thank you for considering Seaton Hackney, for your child’s Birthday Party. Good move!

Birthday Parties

Our fee for a two-hour party is $585 (including NJ
Sales Tax)
at Seaton Hackney County Stables in Morristown-440 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960) This fee lets you bring up to 20 kids. Beyond that number we will need an additional $5 per child.

Here is what’s included:

  • A Hostess and helper(s) for the duration of the party
  • Unlimited Pony Rides and Mini Cart rides
  • A Miniature Horse, Pony or Donkey for the kids to groom, lead around, play with (anything short of trying to pin a new tail on it)
  • Pizza and drinks for the kids, generic paper goods
  • A shaded area where the food and (your) cake will be served
  • Petting animals such as Ruthie the Goat and Jack the Donkey
  •  ……and, of course, lots and lots of fun!

The party is perfect for children ages 3yr-10yr. If the kids are older, you may want to substitute a horse for a pony and even provide mini lessons instead of the pony rides.

You can also bring your own treats or goodie bags for the kids, some finger food for the adults, or we can provide these for an additional fee. (For example: extra Pizzas are $15 each)

Although the kids -and the adults- will have plenty of fun with the party
“as is”, you can customize it with other options that could include:


  1. A 4-wheeled Mini-Wagon pulled by a Miniature horse and seating 5-6 children (INSTEAD of the mini-cart ($40)
  2. A horse for one hour for the adults/teens to ride or to provide mini riding lessons for the kids instead of pony rides -recommended for 10yr & up ($75)
  3. A tractor pulled, “Drunken Driven”, Hay Ride around Seaton Hackney 30ac farm (twice throughout the party/$75)
  4. A Draft Horse pulled Wagon that can seat 8 adults or 14 kids or a combination thereof (Twice throughout the party/$150)….and other funny stuff we may come up with together or we will welcome your own Entertainer.

The way the party works is as follows: You should arrive about 20-30 minutes before your first guests and work some last minute details with your Hostess. Then we will greet your guests and talk to them about safety around /on the horses and ponies. Then the rides will start. Food and drinks should be available about 20-30 minutes into the party. The rides will go on until about 15 minutes before the end of your time frame so as to allow for the cake to be served and Happy Birthday cheers to take place.

To reserve, please forward a $50 deposit -we recommend doing this through our web site by clicking on the button below and we will confirm your reservation by return email. This deposit is refundable (only) in case of inclement weather. If you need to cancel due to other considerations, the deposit can be applied towards another party or riding activity taking place within 1 year from the original date.

While we try to separate ending and starting times of Birthday Parties, sometimes an overlap may happen not from our doing. Please understand that your starting time may be delayed up to 15 minutes but the partywill still last 2 hours.

Contact Info

Administrative Offices:
Equishare USA LLC/Ponyshare
440 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: (973) 644-3355
Fax: (973) 644-3535

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